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A talking with Alex Stepien on the Cappex App and University Greenlight

A talking with Alex Stepien on the Cappex App and University Greenlight
Swarthmore College will accept the Greenlight Scholars app. Alex Stepien literally worked his strategy to the top at Cappex— a good all-purpose higher education and scholarship search web site that includes University or college Greenlight amongst many resources and assistance provided for you to college-bound college students. After graduation from the College of The state of michigan, Stepien registered the company throughout 2008 becasue it is first Consideration Executive and now oversees the entire operation seeing that CEO the boss of maintaining connections with six hundred colleges and universities around seven areas as well as for filling both the Cappex and Greenlight Scholars purposes.

It’s a significant job, plus Stepien is surely an extraordinarily amenable and engaging exec with lots of programs for enlargement the Cappex role around college admission, not the actual of which will involve targeting your nationwide audience including low-income and under-resourced students in addition to families offered by Faculty Greenlight.

Continue fall, Cappex entered the faculty application industry with a merchandise designed to take benefit on connections with scholars developed through its essential college-and scholarship-matching services.

‘In our online surveys and chitchats with learners, we’ve seen that homework supplements together with application extra fees represent large barriers to get application achievement, ‘ mentioned Stepien. ‘Our application makes simple the process performing away having fees, getting rid of repetitive as well as burdensome releasers and cutting down duplication involving effort in the act. ‘

And while the Common Plan and the Coalition squared-off within the more accessible competition meant for market share, Cappex quietly did wonders behind the scenes in order to develop products these thought will streamline the process of applying to school and appeal to students hunting for less complicated plus much more straightforward instruments for promoting credentials into a variety of institutions.

So far, typically the strategy seems to be working. Educational institutions already taking the Cappex Application include the College of Wooster, Whittier College, University or college of Tampa, Northland College, Ohio Wesleyan University, Cornell College, and Queens College or university of Charlotte. And on the list of colleges taking the Greenlight Scholars Software are Swarthmore College, the main University connected with Dayton, along with the University associated with Rochester. And for the file, both the Cappex Application and College Greenlight will be adding to their rosters of partaking colleges and universities regarding 2017-18.

To support families in addition to college counselors— both school-based and independent— become familiar with the particular Cappex and Greenlight Scholars applications, Stepien agreed a week ago to answer a series of questions.

Question: After you have in essence completed 1 application period, how would you define your first time of action?

Some of our pilot 12 months was a prosperous start for any Cappex App. We did find a strong resolution from our own college and even university partners with 85 institutions engaging. Students been vocal excitement around the ability to implement directly to the faculties they were binding with on Cappex. com.

Question: Would you did anything differently? What have been some of your company biggest conditions? Biggest achievements?

Seeing as it was all of our pilot time, we wanted to make certain we got it right only to have a strong floor before we tend to actively offered the application, merely really making awareness for the student neighborhood after each of our soft release on Sept 1 . Most of us heard from plenty of our pupils, ‘I wish I knew regarding this earlier! ‘ So this year, we’re initiating on July 1, and get begun creating awareness of the particular Cappex Program much sooner.

Subject: Do you resume and cv writing service count on any main changes in the platform for the on its way year?

You’re making useful improvements along with technology investments this year, concentrated on streamlining the scholar experience along with making the path to adoption simplier and easier for our higher education partners. One of the many enhancements, young people will be able to scan their pre-existing Cappex report information inside the application; reap the benefits of Cappex’s responsive user-interface that works great in smartphones, products and desktop computers; and apply our Approval Manager function to organize use in procedure and stay in the loop for of deadlines.

For our university partners, grow to be faded focused on to take them the data needed in the most basic fashion potential, to allow for any streamlined scan for looking through. Improvements inside onboarding practical knowledge for universities are resulting in an increase in re-homing. This offers a huge be successful for students mainly because it increases the variety of colleges they’re able to apply to by using the Cappex Application.

Question: Hoin what way would15351 reaching out to college students and advisors to make them all aware of the exact Cappex Plan for the 2017-2018 cycle?

We have a robust marketing strategy scheduled in the months before and via the Cappex Approval launch, featured by distinctive content and training items, email communication, webinars, in addition to exhibiting in NACAC. Can be to see you to that destination!

Question: Do you often welcome new members for 2017-18?

Entirely! We’ll always be sharing a full list of engaging colleges in the near future, but many of us anticipate the very roster will likely be well over 95 institutions this current year.

Concern: Why would certainly a student go for the Cappex Application over the Common Software, the Faction App, and also the Universal College or university Application? That is your target audience?

Every year, around 1 , 000, 000 high school mature adults create trading accounts on Cappex to use the main platform’s resources through the university discovery as well as search process. They rely on our best-in-class tools to help these organizations research and choose the right faculty, so it’s mainly natural each day immediately act upon that info within the software they rely on and utilize directly to those people schools with all the Cappex App.

The convenience and ease of use of the Cappex Application ensure it is the right solution for every Cappex user, along with every college across the country which will apply to engaging colleges.

Question: Is it possible you explain the partnership between the Cappex Application and even College Greenlight?

The particular Greenlight Historians Application employs the Cappex Application Platform, but is made to showcase typically the strengths plus talents regarding first-generation, low-income and underrepresented students. Typically the Greenlight Students Application comes with questions this help identify noncognitive predictors of academic results, such as the student’s drive, motivation and interests.

College Greenlight works with a good network of just one, 200 CBOs to help them allow their students. College Greenlight students can certainly engage with institutions that are definitely trying to get new prospects low-income, first of all generation in addition to minority pupils, in addition to the many college prospects that are available regarding Cappex. com.

Dilemma: How brand-new structured Typically the Cappex program to make it simple for consultants? Why would a healthcare professional recommend the main Cappex Program to learners?

The main Cappex Program is easy for young students and easy to get counselors. We have built our own counselor looking at tools utilizing ease-of-use in your mind, so there’s certainly no need to establish, remember or even manage pointless credentials the choices submit letters of recommendation or transcripts. Cappex comes with a free consultant portal as well as resources you can get to any institution counselor in the uk. More than 30th, 000 expert across the country are already recommending Cappex to their trainees as the spot for a research and find colleges.

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